I am Ms Anna Smyth. I am a Dominatrix with over 15 years of experience, as well as a collector of admirers, aficionados, and addicts.

My preference is to build long-term relationships that enhance our lives, although those that simply want to tribute or worship infrequently are also welcome.

By day I am a busy and successful professional, and I expect the same of any of my admirers and aficionados. I am happiest when surrounded by intelligent and warm individuals, especially someone with a mischievous streak to match my own.

Once I step away from the office, I view my kink lifestyle as an extension of the vanilla world. It adds the extra touch of sparkle, sadism, and luxury that I crave.

I am the sort of Dominatrix that is happiest relaxing by the fire of a country pub, with my submissive at my beck and call. In private, you would act as my footstool, my butler, my toy. In public, you are a human wallet, a bag carrier, a manservant. Though you are always my submissive, discretion is an intrinsic aspect of our relationship.

And it flows both ways.

So what am I looking for?

While being submissive or kinky is a bonus, I am ultimately looking for someone that will enjoy spending time with me, not just the Dominatrix. You should be successful and secure in your own life, and, as like-minded companions, we must be able to enhance each other’s lives. I expect your desire to spoil and pamper me. Reciprocally, I wish to see you better your
own life. I will be invested, and want the best for you.

If this is something that appeals to you, read on and explore.

Serve Me

My submissives generally fall into four distinct groups:

Clients are those of you that do not have the time or that want to pay to play. You pay your deposit, you submit, and then you return to your life.

Admirers buy my clips, subscribe to my galleries, and worship from afar. You are loyal and consistent, but you prefer to be somewhat aloof.

● Addicts
As well as purchasing my content, you enjoy the rush of interacting frequently. The moment new content is released, you feel a rush and compulsion to worship and obey.

● Aficionados
Finally, we have the aficionados. You spoil and pamper me, you live to serve and obey. In return, you know and feel my affection towards you. We have built up a long-term relationship, and for you, I am a fetish in my own right.

A little deeper into my devious mind…

You may know me as Ms. Anna Smyth, or The Lady Decadence. I have a fetish for being adored and worshipped, pampered and spoiled.

More on point, however: I am a sadist with a heart. I love to hear you gasp and moan, while you suffer for my amusement.

It is a joy to receive tributes and gifts, knowing that my admirers are becoming addicted; craving my attention and intellect. I am a fetishist and a Dominatrix, a Lady that owns her own mind. I know how to use my voice, intelligence, and demeanor to control, torment, and tease. You have been warned.

I am Rubenesque…

Physically, I am a voluptuous size 22 (give or take the weird and wonderful
sizing in shops), with size 7 feet, 40E breasts, and beautifully milky soft skin.

If you are ever lucky enough to be in my presence, you will no doubt be unable to miss that I am a curvaceous lady, with a mischievous smile, and a twinkle in my eye.

What I Adore

I enjoy making money, spending money, draining a submissive’s account; the usual things one would expect a Goddess like myself to enjoy.

In addition, I have a tendency to collect lingerie, tech and gadgetry, books, and handbags. Heels are also adored, but worn only in the boudoir or office.

When shopping, I am all about boots and trainers. Perfect for trampling around, causing chaos and putting the merchants through their paces.

I am somewhat of a workaholic. If, however, I’m relaxing then I am likely curled up with a magazine, a coffee on the table beside me. If I am in need of a slight escape, I might instead curl up with Baileys and a book. I’m also a lover of prosecco and champagne – it’s something about the bubbles on my tongue.

I am a lover of Italian cuisine, and a good Margherita makes my heart sing, as does high-quality milk chocolate.

How Does One Combine Financial and Lifestyle Domination?

As I’ve made clear above, this is about my own kink as much as yours. There are those who would claim it’s not possible to be both a financial and lifestyle Dominatrix. This is simply not so. Who doesn’t love to shop? Why shouldn’t I enjoy curling up with a hot coffee after a day of shopping, and then establish my control?