Cash Drops: … wait, what?

Does the thought of being allowed to drop an envelope full of cash at My feet arouse you? How about being permitted to kneel, ignored, until I dismiss you?

That, darling, slut, or whomever else is reading this, is the allure of a cash drop.

I get your money while sitting comfortably, enjoying a coffee perhaps or maybe reading a book…

In this instance, as should always be, it is the submissive that is required to do the work, from withdrawing the cash, to locating My chosen relaxation spot.

When attending a cash drop you should be smartly dressed, as you would not want to disappoint Me. You should expect to be dismissed upon placing the envelope at My feet and do not attempt to get attention from Me.

Submissives seeking more interaction would do well to request a session or coffee meet. If you simply what to spend time with Me in a social setting while I get My caffeine fix, then a coffee meet is highly recommended.