Ms Anna Smyth
Life of Anna

Cash Drops: … wait, what?

Does the thought of being allowed to drop an envelope full of cash at My feet arouse you? How about being permitted to kneel, ignored, until I dismiss you?

That, darling, slut, or whomever else is reading this, is the allure of a cash drop.

I get your money while sitting comfortably, enjoying a coffee perhaps or maybe reading a book…

In this instance, as should always be, it is the submissive that is required to do the work, from withdrawing the cash, to locating My chosen relaxation spot.

When attending a cash drop you should be smartly dressed, as you would not want to disappoint Me. You should expect to be dismissed upon placing the envelope at My feet and do not attempt to get attention from Me.

Submissives seeking more interaction would do well to request a session or coffee meet. If you simply what to spend time with Me in a social setting while I get My caffeine fix, then a coffee meet is highly recommended.

Life & Style

Cashpoint Meets: what ARE they?

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Cashpoint Meets’?

Do you imagine Me walking up to the cashpoint, taking the funds and then walking away, leaving you feeling fucked over financially, but emotionally on a high?

Or do dream of public humiliation? If you dream of the latter, then you are sorely mistaken.

When I offer cashpoint meets, they are simply about extracting money from you. After all, you are offering yourself as a human wallet. The humiliation is in the knowledge that you deserve nothing from Me. Now, if you wish to kneel besides Me while at the cashpoint, I wholeheartedly approve however that is all you will be getting.

If you seek public humiliation, then you must book a session for that specifically. If you want to relax over coffee, a (paid) coffee meet can be arranged.

Cashpoint meets are just that: meet, at a cashpoint, and then I take the money and walk away. Doesn’t that sound utterly delicious?

Life of Anna

Deposits & Tributes: why they matter!

It’s not all about the money, I promise. While yes, I do genuinely have a money fetish, I also love the knowledge that every sacrifice you make, no matter how small, it makes you crave Me all the more.

The moment you send is the moment I know you crave to be Mine.

If you wish to serve Me in person (incl. cashpoint meets), then you must be willing to send the deposit. By refusing to send the deposit, you are showing an inability to follow My commands. The moment you do this, you are being disobedient and showing a lack of submission.

While I understand that being commanded to send tribute is alluring and erotic, I do not have the time or capacity to do so when not in session. If you require that extra attention, the power exchange, then you must also be willing to follow My orders when not in session.

When you see mention of a booking fee or deposit, consider it your opportunity to impress. If you cannot put Me first then you should rethink if you are ready to serve Me.


Website Update

I spent a bit of time yesterday giving My website a little overhaul. I figured it was time, as we are heading out of lockdown, to start focusing on the places I’d love to visit, and enjoying My somewhat luxurious (OK, very luxurious) lifestyle.

Once I have a better idea of the situation, I’ll update the My site further, but in the mean time, the basics – places I’d love to visit, tribute information, and links to My various profiles – are there.

Life of Anna

Bedroom Revamp

Also filed under: My Next Big Project

From the images shown you’ll see that My next big project, one that I’ve been putting off for several years, is My office and bedroom revamp.

I’ve got very limited space due to the room being on the top floor and so it’s pretty much in the attic, however I’ve always loved the compact nature of the compartments in the luxury trains and vintage travel, so I’m borrowing inspiration from The Great Gatsby, the Orient Express, and the modern (but timeless) Belmond Grand Hibernian in Ireland.

On the whole I’m planning to keep the colour palette light and neutral due to the room shape and size, and also due to the small size of the window.

I’m excited about having a plan, but anxious about finding the time…

Life of Anna

19 Years: The Highlights!

This is My 19th year in the industry as a Dominatrix.

So, here are My 19 highlights from My career to date:

  1. Attempting to retire a handful of times. Why is this a highlight? Because I failed so spectacularly!
  2. Buying My own home at 28…
  3. … but then spending SIX MONTHS without internet, or a phone line, and still managing to keep My business alive.
  4. Expanding My collection of domains… it’s the little things, OK?
  5. When My supporters / fans covered My cats vets bills after he got hit by a car (he made a full recovery and lived a very happy 17 years of being pampered and spoiled).
  6. Hitting a 10 year anniversary with 2 of My long-term subs…
  7. … and them being a hugely important part of My life.
  8. Meeting some of My best and closest friends on one of the sites I first used.
  9. Being able to attend My sister-in-laws wedding in Tuscany and it being fully funded by My subs.
  10. Travelling first class or biz class whenever I travel, and have done for the last 4 years.
  11. Extending My social circle to include some amazing Dommes and fetish artists <3
  12. Having a team of professionals around Me that are on hand to ensure things go smoothly…
  13. … and having a wonderful photographer locally (@steve_satin) who fully understands My vibe.
  14. Having the most amazing assistant in the world.
  15. My family fully supporting and encouraging My career. My mum is so very fond of telling everyone how proud she is of her Dominatrix daughter.
  16. The first of My 4 digit shopping sprees (bags carried and paid for by a sub).
  17. Getting to know and support @LadyOFyre when she started out, and see how far she has progressed. I feel like a proud mother hen. 💕
  18. Being able to meet so many of My friends in person over the years. I can’t wait to meet more. 💕
  19. That next year is TWENTY YEARS in 2020. The number geek in Me really, really appreciates it.

Thank you ALL for the support, love, and just being there.