Do you dream of serving Me, being permitted to kneel at My feet or boots, and worship them, clean them, or be permitted to serve Me in other capacities? Then read on…

Perhaps you would love to be allowed to clean My boots with your tongue after a country walk, or maybe worship them while I drink coffee.

The thought of being allowed to serve Me while I run My empire, serving coffee, cake, doing tasks for Me in a stylish aparthotel – maybe if you were very lucky being made to clean the kitchen after I relax having done a spot of baking. After all, a nice slice of cake with coffee is perfection!

Alternatively, you may need to be punished, and receive a good paddling, or a delicious ballbusting session. Relieve My tension… and yours.

There are numerous ways to serve Me, and I look forward to being pampered, worshipped, and obeyed.

I love to travel and shop, so coffee meets, cashpoint meets, and shopping sprees are of course encouraged. I also enjoy spending time with My clients in a more relaxed setting, perhaps sat before an open fire in a fabulous country pub, while you kneel at My feet.

Piqued your interest? Then explore the rest of My site to ensure that you are able to submit and tribute in an appropriate manner.  Once you have done this, you are encouraged to submit your application.

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Favourite Fetishes

Please be aware that I do not offer intimate contact.
I do not offer sexual relief in my real-time sessions,
and I remained clothed at all times.

Just want to relax and spend time with Me?

Non-sexual (no kissing, nudity, hand relief etc!) cuddle sessions!

Think: cosy and feminine loungewear, a film and/or conversation, hot chocolate or relaxing beverage, and cuddles. Or a relaxing and cuddly nap.

Why? Why not? I enjoy being pampered and spoiled. What is more pampering than relaxing?!

More than just a session… other options!

Coffee Meets – A lovely time having coffee and cake (at your expense) and relaxing.

Other fun – Meet me for coffee then head to the cinema? Maybe go out for a light bite to eat and then head to the art gallery?

Shopping Sprees – We can arrange a shopping spree, at your expense. Be prepared to spend at least £500 as I have expensive tastes! I will shop til I drop, you have been warned! Cheshire Oaks, Manchester, Chester, London… there are many fabulous shopping districts to explore!

Required Reading – Screening, Cancellation Policy (and more)

A brief note about sessions:

Sessions take place in luxury 5-star hotels, funded by you, as you would expect. Any travel costs, beauty treatments, or spa sessions will also be paid by you.

All sessions are CFNM (clothed female, nude male) when in private. In public, discretion is maintained at all times.

Intimate body worship is not offered, nor is hand relief (or any other sort).

You are required to pay the deposit for our meet.

If you cannot, or will not, then the session will be cancelled and you may be blocked.

Screening Information

If you wish to serve me in person, you will need to provide your ID, along with a link to your Linked In profile, or other types of reference/profile.

Your application to serve must be accompanied with a £20 Amazon Voucher or (or another method) for the application fee. Without this, it will be deleted.

This is non-negotiable.

I ask for this for my safety and yours. I am very discreet and understand that this may initially feel intrusive. Please remember that our sessions are intimate and private, and I pride myself on my professionalism and discretion.