Simple, easy, and deliciously addictive. Get sending!

Obviously, you are encouraged to send a tribute or gift using My ‘Cash Deposit Site’, however for some of you, this isn’t enough…

There are a few different ways for me to empty your account in person:

Cashpoint Meets

Meet me at a centrally located cashpoint in Manchester, withdraw the maximum available (a minimum of £100), hand it over, and watch me walk away…

Cash & Coffee

As with the cashpoint meet above, but with the addition of a lovely time having coffee and cake, at your expense.

Shopping Sprees

We can arrange a shopping spree, at your expense. A minimum of £500 needs to be budgeted for! I will shop til I drop, you have been warned!

Cheshire Oaks, Manchester, Chester, London… there are many fabulous shopping districts to explore!