I love to travel, and there is nothing more enjoyable than being served by one of My adoring subs while exploring a beautiful location, staying in a luxury 5-star hotel, and being pampered.

For new slaves, I require My own room in a 5 star hotel, plus airfare (business class or better), and expenses covered. This is to be paid up front, as I will booking them for Myself.

If you are a long-term slave, and I have extended the invitation, then connecting rooms or multi-room suites are also an option for our accommodation.

Recent Trips:

FROM: Thursday 23rd May
TO: Friday 24th May

FROM: Tuesday 18th June
TO: Saturday 22nd June

Places I’d love to visit or return to:

London & Edinburgh are favourites, but anywhere in UK & Eire

All of Europe!

Istanbul & Turkey

Hong Kong

Further afield? Contact Me!