Serve Me

Do you dream of serving Me, being permitted to kneel at My feet or boots, and worship them, clean them, or be permitted to serve Me in other capacities? Then read on…

Perhaps you would love to be allowed to clean My boots with your tongue after a country walk, or maybe worship them while I drink coffee.

The thought of being allowed to serve Me while I run My empire, serving coffee, cake, doing tasks for Me in a stylish aparthotel – maybe if you were very lucky being made to clean the kitchen after I relax having done a spot of baking. After all, a nice slice of cake with coffee is perfection!

Alternatively, you may need to be punished, and receive a good paddling, or a delicious ballbusting session. Relieve My tension… and yours.

There are numerous ways to serve Me, and I look forward to being pampered, worshipped, and obeyed.

I love to travel and shop, so coffee meets, cashpoint meets, and shopping sprees are of course encouraged. I also enjoy spending time with My slaves in a more relaxed setting, perhaps sat before an open fire in a fabulous country pub, while you kneel at My feet.

Wish you were at My feet already?

Then it’s time to begin serving Me!

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