So you want to serve Me?

A guide on what you need to do!

If you are reading this page, then I am going to assume that you are hoping to become a client, and in time, a trusted submissive. 

To an outsider, My application process may seem like a lot of hoops, but imagine that you are applying for a job, or looking for a long-term relationship: does it seem like a lot of effort then? 

I have always had a preference for long-term submissives, as it allows for a more fulfilling experience for us both. 

A quick overview of the process:


You send an introductory email, along with a tribute for $100+.


We get to know one another better over a coffee meet or Skype chat.


It’s time to play… either in session(s) or during a FM2Y.

The Journey From Unknown to Client

Introductory Email

The first step is the introductory email, and this is your opportunity to impress Me. I want to know about you as a person, not just the things that arouse you. Tell Me how you will add value to My life, and in what capacity you hope to serve Me. 

Remember to accompany the email with a tribute (suggested amount: $100, although more is better). By sending the tribute, you are showing that you respect My time and boundaries, and are capable of following orders.

Speaking of orders – you may want to make note of this word: scrabble.

READ MORE: Tributes & Deposits: Why they matter!


You will be required to provide your photo ID and professional information as part of My screening process. This is an industry-standard, and your personal information will not be used in any capacity.

Coffee Meet or Skype Chat

Those that have impressed Me, and shown an ability to follow orders, will be invited to book either a coffee meet or Skype chat session. This will allow us to get to know one another better, and to build rapport prior to any session or play.

PLEASE NOTE: being being invited to, or attending a coffee meet/Skype session does not guarantee that you will be permitted to session with Me.

Real-Time Session or Fly Me To You

The final step in this guide, but just the beginning of your journey to becoming one of My trusted submissives.

I look forward to spending time with you, having you serve Me… once you’ve earned that right.

Have you read this entire page and are ready to begin?

Then click here to send your introductory email.