Real-Time Sessions & Travel

This is the perfect time to establish yourself as one of My loyal and obedient pets…

I have always preferred to session with existing and current slaves, especially as there is a connection and spark that you simply do not get from a one-off meeting. If you had always hoped to serve Me, then now would be the time to approach Me.

Text chat sessions, phone chat, and email are available to allow you to begin your service, no matter where you currently located.

Due to social distancing and the current world situation, I am only offering real-time or in-person meets to My obedient submissives and pets.

If you are not yet counted amongst My pets and submissives, then I recommend that you send your initial tribute and introduce yourself.

A few of the fetishes I enjoy

There are more, of course, but for now, it gives you
a little taster as to the things that turn Me on.

Travel & Fly Me To You

I love to travel, and there is nothing more enjoyable than being served by one of My adoring slaves while exploring a beautiful location, staying in a luxury 5-star hotel, and being pampered.

If you are one of My newer slaves, I require My own room in a 5-star hotel, plus airfare (business class or better), and expenses covered. This is to be paid upfront, as I will booking them for Myself.

If you are a long-term slave, and I have extended the invitation, then connecting rooms or multi-room suites are also an option for our accommodation.

Places I’d love to visit or return to:

  • London & Edinburgh are favourites, but anywhere in UK & Eire
  • All of Europe! I love the thought of visiting Paris again, Tuscany, but there are oh so many beautiful places within Europe.
  • Istanbul & Turkey
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Las Vegas

Further afield or somewhere I’ve not mentioned? Contact Me!