Also the ruin thing is easy. There’s lots of Dommes that have convinced me to do stupid shit I later regretted. You are the only one who has managed to convince me to be a responsible adult 😂

That’s hotter because it’s real

I naturally tend towards self destructive behaviour so encouraging me down that path not difficult. Helping me move away from that and grow as a person that’s true Domination and submission

Squirrel, via text

I just can’t ever imagine not serving you 😈. I’ve come down a bit now. Fuck that was just totally fantastic.

FL1971, via text

You know my mind so well and it’s like You have this… Way of connecting and knowing how I think. You are quite amazing!

Minion, via Email

It is Her demeanour, Her warm personality, and geeky nature that draws you in, but when She speaks, you realise just how dominant and devious She truly is.

LT, via Email

An incredible session, thank you Ms Anna xx

AdultWork Feedback